Brooklyn Pediatric Infectious Diseases

About Us

Brooklyn Pediatric Infectious Diseases is a medical clinic that provides specialized medical care for children with infectious diseases in accordance with the approved standards of medical care and clinical recommendations in compliance with established sanitary and anti-epidemic standards.

The main activities of the clinic:

Doctors of the clinic hold general medical conferences on the clinic, diagnosis, treatment of infectious diseases, have extensive experience in identifying infectious pathologies, participate in the development of algorithms for various infections).

The clinic carries out diagnostics of viral gastroenteritis, enterovirus infection, HFRS, Einstein Barr virus, tick-borne encephalitis, tick-borne borreliosis.

Preserving the accumulated experience and good traditions, the clinic continues to modernize, using international experience in all areas of diagnosis and treatment.

Our doctors are constantly improving their professional qualifications and are actively researching in the field of medicine.

The defining values of Brooklyn Pediatric Infectious Diseases are professionalism and an individual approach to each patient.